What is Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese word created by Dr. Mikao Usui who introduced energy healing to the modern world. His first clinic was opened in 1921. The word Reiki is composed of two (kanjis) – letters “rei” and “ki” “rei” is the energy field “ki” is the subtle energy that is taken from the energy field for healing purposes. Thus reiki is universal energy.

According to Buddhist philosophy universal energy is a combination of four elements, Matter, Water, Heat and Air. The whole universe has been formed with this energy.

The sun the moon the earth stars human beings animals and even plants all contain these four elements in different proportions. The energy is vibrating the universe is changing. So is everything including humans.

International Status

REIKI is an internationally accepted alternative medical system and it is widely spread in the western and the eastern countries as well. Many hospitals in the west use Reiki as a healing method. For more details

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Reiki does not belong to a special religion but it is now established that its origin was connected to Buddhism. It has been revealed that the system was popular among the early Buddhist yogis of India Nepal and Tibet and was then named as Buddho system.



Reiki Treatment Programme @ Ranmuthugala Elders Home



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About Me…

Wijayasena Gangodage

Reiki Master (Reiki jin kei do)
Retired zonal director
of education – SLES class – i

No 52, Hill Street, Kiribathgoda

+94 112 909 974
+94 071 810 1913

Next Training Programme

will be held on
13th, 14th weekend of June, 2015.

11th and12th weekend of July, 2015

Latest news

Classes will be conducted in the second weekend of every month. Those who want to participate can contact me on 0718101913 or 112 909 974.

Student of Reiki Jin Kei Do have organized a society (Reik Jin Kei Do Sri Lanka) to promote reiki in Sri Lanka. The society organizes seminars to promote the Reiki system. Those who wish to organize seminars in their respective area can contact me.

Already more than 70 people have enrolled as Reiki practitioners from various parts of Sri Lanka.

Article Published on Daily News 19/12/2005