Healing is necessary when the original nature of a being has changed. When such a thing happens to man he believes that some form of disease or and ailment has occurred. This happens when the original or inherent properties of the elements change.

These changes are due to internal as well as external factor that influence beings.

The food that is consumed by man and his mental conditions affect him internally. Externally man is affected by the environmental conditions such as exposure to pollution, which results in the depositing of various toxins in different parts of the body. This affects the functions of the glands. Specially the endocrine glands, causing hormone imbalance. As a result organs controlled by such glands start to malfunction making us ill. It is possible to remove these toxins using KI energy which is obtained from the Universal Energy Field. The KI energy although it is subtle has a higher vibrational power that could remove the toxins that are obstructing the normal vibrational pattern of the body.

Advantages in Reiki Healing

  • No medication in given other than a glass of water which helps to dissolve toxins.
  • No after effects
  • Can be done with any other form of treatments.
  • Not harmful in any way
  • Results could be seen within five days.
  • Reiki protects the healer as well as the patient.
  • Strengthens the mental and physical conditions of a person.
  • If helps us heal animals as well as plants.

In addition to the four basic elements Matter, Water, Heat and Air, which form a Cell (රූප කලාපයක්) includes colour (වර්ණ) , smell (ඝන්ධ ), taste (රස ) and liquidity (ඕජා) are included in it. This Cell or rupa kalapa is constantly changing.

The beings we treat have the above eight elements plus the newly added five senses, which come from the body, eye, ear, nose and tongue. A being has thoughts and thus a mind element. The Cell with the mind element changes constantly.

The patient we treat is structured with an enormous amount of mind element added Cells.

The Reiki practitioner pays attention to both mental and bodily sicknesses.

That is the scientific view about this. The following is Quoted from a web page in the Internet explaining the cell. “The cell is the basic structural functional and biological unit of all known living organism. Cells are the smallest unit of life. That is classified as a living thing and are often called the building blocks of life.”

Apart from that it says that in the nucleus, there is genetic information. (in another sense cell have their own memory)

scientis state further that the circular shaped cell has memory store in its nucleus. These cells are formed and destroyed after sometime and formed anew.

According to Buddhism a being is formed with a very tiny cell or rupa kalapa which has eight elements. When a being is formed a minimum of one or maximum of five mind elements are also added. The initial stage of the foetus is said to be as small as a drop of oil at the end of a horse hair, in which two rupa kalapas are found. These rupa kalapas increase gradually. Differently shaped beings are formed due to the accumulation of millions of these cells. (rupa kalapa)

When a being falls sick, changes occur in the rupa kalapa or Cell, which is vibrating constantly.

So the reiki practitioner sends Universal energy to the small live cells or rupa kalapas to correct them. There are various techniques for this. For an example it is known that and abnormality in the cells causes cancer. To correct this abnormality the “ki” rays which do not harm healthy or normal cells can be used instead of radiation therapy. Blood is formed with live cells. So when blood is purified – made healthy – it helps to prevent diseases. With the reduction of the oxygen in the blood, abnormalities occur in the live cells of the blood. Thus many non-infectious diseases can be cured through reiki.

Cataract formation in the eye is said to be due to cells behaving abnormally in the eye. Reiki energy can cure cataract without surgery.

The plaque blocking the main arteries is doe to the development of abnormal cells. Reiki can remove these abnormal cells and give relief to patients. Ongoing research has shown that vitilego can be controlled through reiki. A research (in the initial stage) in to the use of reiki to control thalesimia has indicated these patients can be helped. Also parkinsons disease which is caused due to the non-function of certain cells in the brain can be relieved to a certain extent.

Finally resistance to diseases in a healthy person can be increased by taking reiki treatment regularly.

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Article Published on Daily News 19/12/2005