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A patient receives treatment 24 hourly for five (5) consecutive days. Reiki Treatment can be given on alternative days but former is more effective. The number of days that a patient will need treatment varies from patient to patient depending on the age, duration of the illness and the amount of toxins collected in the body. Chronic conditions may take a longer period to heal than the other illnesses.

Healing is done on an appointment it takes approximately One hour for each session.

The patient has to sit on a chair or lie on a bed for the treatment. The healer uses his palms to direct the energy. He may have to keep his palm on the body or he can keep his palm about an inch from the patient’s body. But keeping the palm on chakras is more effective the KI energy is directed through the chakras. There are seven major chakras that absorb and carry the energy through Meridians and Nadis. According to the Ayurveda system there are seventy two thousand Nadis in a human body (72000) the energy that flows through these Nadis clears the toxins.

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Wijayasena Gangodage

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Retired zonal director
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Next Training Programme

will be held on
13th, 14th weekend of June, 2015.

11th and12th weekend of July, 2015

Latest news

Classes will be conducted in the second weekend of every month. Those who want to participate can contact me on 0718101913 or 112 909 974.

Student of Reiki Jin Kei Do have organized a society (Reik Jin Kei Do Sri Lanka) to promote reiki in Sri Lanka. The society organizes seminars to promote the Reiki system. Those who wish to organize seminars in their respective area can contact me.

Already more than 70 people have enrolled as Reiki practitioners from various parts of Sri Lanka.

Article Published on Daily News 19/12/2005